Fruit and Vegetables

The Highlands and islands are well known for the production of root vegetables and soft fruits. Increasingly poly tunnels are being used in the crofting townships to extend the growing season and the production of fruit and vegetables normally found in warmer climates.

Kylerhea Crofts Market Garden & Nursery
John Bannister
Isle of Skye

Kylerhea Crofts Market Garden and Nursery is situated off the beaten track in the south of Skye. Established in 1992 John and Beryl Bannister grow a range of utility produce including fruit, vegetables and native broadleaf trees from seed.

Early polytunnel production of a wide variety of vegetable and tomato transplants kicks off their growing season alongside early and mid-season production of a wide variety of salad, vegetables and strawberries.

Native broadleaf trees are grown from seed gathered from within their own woodland and elsewhere in south Skye. Small and larger quantities (10's, 100's and 1000's), dependant on the annual availability of seed, of native species and occasionally Holly, Juniper and some Scots Pine may also be available.

Enquiries on availability of trees (species/quantities) should be made in the planning stage, well in advance of intended planting, to avoid disappointment.


Splitrock Croft
Helen Acreman

Mixture of vegetables, potatoes and salad vegetables.


Earshader Croft
Barry Shelby
Isle of Lewis

The croft on the shore of tidal Loch Barraglom has two polytunnels, in which we grow garlic, purple sprouting broccoli, herbs, globe artichokes, onions, shallots, celeriac, peas, carrots, aubergine, tomatoes, tomatillos, and chillies. Although not certified organic, we follow organic practices using seaweed, comfrey, homemade compost, etc. Full-scale production has not been achieved just yet, but call in.


Susanna Robson
Isle of Skye

Vegetables, potatoes and soft fruit.


Les Brown
Isle of Lewis

Les grows a wide selection of annuals and perennials, and fruit and veg. He has two polytunnels and a fruit cage, and a further polytunnel waiting to go up for more strawberries and early perennials next year. He supplies the Stornoway Farmer's Market, and has a busy self-service trade at the van he keeps in his drive.

Tel: 01851 850372

Evelyn Walker Smith
Drumbhan Croft
Bonar Bridge

Preserves and Fruit can be purchased from the door or at local farmers markets.


Miss Jocelynn Clapp

Miss Jocelynn Clapp
3 Walster

Mixture of vegetables, potatoes and strawberries.


Mackenzies farm shop

Fruit and Vegetables - Aithsetter croft

On our Croft we have a poly tunnel and it's a great way of growing our own produce. We have leeks, onions, tomatoes, cucumber, peas, beetroot, cherries and grapes to name a few! Out in the fields we grow neeps, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower and Shetland kale.


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