Many crofters keep small flocks of hens and produce superb free range eggs.

Grant Mackinnon
Tobermory, Isle of Mull

Our 2 Lomond Brown, 3 Marrans and 3 Light Sussex hens roam freely within an enclosure of newly planted trees.


Evelyn Walker Smith
Drumbhan Croft,
Bonar Bridge,

Eggs can be purchased from the door or at local farmers markets.


Sally Williams
Shulista, Isle of Skye

Our flock of hens are a mix of Road Rock Black, White Sussex, Lomond Browns and are completely free range and are free to wander the whole croft, our own garden & even the kitchen sometimes! Eggs are sold from the croft house to neighbours and tourists and also at "The Sheiling" (Cafe & Crafts) in Uig.


Barry Shelby,
Earshader Croft
Isle of Lewis

Our flock of hens are free to roam the croft, including access to the shoreline of pristine Loch Barraglom. The breeds include Lohmann Brown, Blue Belle, Welsummer, Maran, Buff Orpington, and La Bresse -- several of which we have bred ourselves. Although not certified organic, we follow organic practices.


Alan Andrews

Loch Eriboll, by Lairg, Sutherland

We have a mix of brown and black hens who free range on our croft scratching in seaweed.


Becky Pritchard
37 Newmarket, Isle of Lewis

Our flock of 18 assorted hens,1 cockerel, 6 new chicks and 2 Embden geese, provide eggs for us, our neighbours and croft gate sales. They are free to roam the croft, the burn that runs through it and often our vegetable garden and lawn.

Feel free to call ahead for directions and to check that we have eggs available.

Tel: 01851 705134



Croft 3, Isle of Rum

Croft 3 has been home to the Goddard family since 2012 when we moved to the Isle of Rum to take up one of the newly created crofts on this wild and beautiful island. We live an off grid, permaculture inspired low impact life on our 8 acres. We keep pigs, sheep and a variety of poultry and grow fruit and veg. We sell our free range eggs, excess produce and jams from our crops and foraged fruits from the island at our shed at the croft gate. We also sell home baking and a range of arts and crafts including photography, candles, knitted and crocheted scarves, hats and creatures, free form crochet bags, clocks and a range of midge inspired items including cuddly midges, midges set in resin, paracord midge keyrings, beaded midges and more.

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Eggs - Aithsetter Croft

Our own free-range hens produce our eggs that we sell in the Farm Shop & also use in the kitchen. The yolks are orangey and we love people coming back time and again, especially for them!


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